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Abstract of the Papers presented by the Speakers at ICST 2019

  1. Rupanjana De,Editor, Touriosity Travelmag Overview of Sustainable Tourism in India with focus on young entrepreneurs, technology and Innovation in Tourism Sector and Policies aligned towards future demand

  2. Chris Nettekoven,Mountaineer and Film Maker, Germany Sustainable practices for Mountaineers - A case study of Nepal

  3. Tamar Valkinier,Adventure Traveller, the Netherlands Sustainable Tourism in a nomadic world

  4. Mr. Sanjay Kak,Director of Culinary Arts of the IIHM Group Sustainability in Culinary Tourism

  5. Dr. Piyasi Bharasa Assistant Professor, Deptt of Museology, Calcutta University Community Museum as a tool for Sustainable Tourism in the World Heritage Site of Sundarban in India – A conceptual plan

  6. Mr H C Vinayaka,VP Techical &EHS, ITC Limited –Hotels Division LEED Platinum standard of ITC Hotels

  7. Dr. Sofique Mir Abdul, Associate Professor, Deptt of Tourism Management, University of Burdwan, West Bengal ​Sustainable Tourism Benchmarking Tool (STBT)

  8. ​Dr. Sumanta Dutta, Assistant Professor, Post Graduate Dept. of Commerce, St. Xaviers College ​Sustainable tourism and dynamics: A Quest for best practices

  9. Claus Andersen, International Bicyclist, Denmark Sustainable Tourism through the eyes of an International Biker

  10. Dr. Paritosh Nandi, Director, Afield Touriosity Pvt. Ltd. Provision for Renewable Energy Integration in Tourism Industry

  11. ​Pushpendu Samanta, CFO, Alumnus Software Limited ​Sustainable Tourism through the eyes of a solo international traveller

  12. Valentina Mishkovska Petrovich, Macedonia Rural Tourism

  13. Sri R K Suman, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India A holistic (functional relationship) approach to planning and strategy

  14. Sri J. P. Shaw,, Former RD (East), Indiatourism Sustainable Tourism initiative by Ministry of tourism, Govt. of India

  15. Grete Howard & David Howard,Globetrotters and Travel Consultant, Bristol, UK Culture sensitivity for Sustainable Tourism

  16. Prof. Dilip Shah,Dean, The Bhawanipur Education Society College Importance of Regulation for Sustainable Development

  17. Sourabh Datta Gupta, Company Secretary, HIDCO Perils of tourism in India: Will Airbnb be the most sustainable form of tourism?

  18. Sri. Angshuman Mukhopadhyay, DFO, 24 pgs North Division, West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited Ecotourism

  19. Dr. Arunaloke Bhattachrya, Paediatric Practitioner Sustainability in Medical tourism

  20. Dr. Suborno Bose,Chief Mentor, IIHM Role of Technology in Sustainable Tourism

  21. ​Dr. Krishnendu Sarkar, Chief of Strategy & Impact and Director and Chief of LifeSkills School NSHM Knowledge Campus Innovative Sustainable Development perspective for Tourism: concept note