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Baixe Fallout Shelter em Português-BR e Gerencie seu Próprio Refúgio

Fallout Shelter PT-BR Download: How to Play the Popular Post-Apocalyptic Game in Portuguese

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own underground vault in a post-nuclear world? If so, you might want to check out Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play simulation game that lets you create and manage a community of survivors in the aftermath of a global catastrophe. And if you prefer to play the game in your native language, you can also download a PT-BR translation that will make the game more accessible and enjoyable for you. In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and play Fallout Shelter PT-BR on your device.

What is Fallout Shelter?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Fallout Shelter is a spin-off game from the popular Fallout series, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2015 for iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Tesla Arcade. The game is set in a dystopian future where nuclear war has devastated the planet, leaving only a few pockets of civilization in underground vaults. As the overseer of one of these vaults, your task is to build and maintain a safe and prosperous environment for your dwellers, who are seeking shelter, food, water, and electricity from the harsh wasteland.

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The game features a variety of rooms that you can build and upgrade to provide different functions and resources for your vault. You can also customize your dwellers by assigning them jobs, outfits, weapons, and training. You can also send them out to explore the wasteland, where they can find loot, fight enemies, and complete quests. The game has a cartoonish art style that contrasts with the dark themes of the Fallout universe, and it also has plenty of humor and references to Fallout lore.

The main goals and challenges of the game

The main goal of Fallout Shelter is to keep your dwellers happy and healthy by providing them with enough resources, security, and entertainment. You can monitor their happiness level by tapping on them or checking their status screen. Happy dwellers are more productive, efficient, and loyal, while unhappy dwellers may become depressed, rebellious, or even suicidal. You can also earn caps (the currency of the game) by completing objectives and achievements that will help you expand and improve your vault.

However, running a vault is not easy. You will face many challenges and dangers along the way, such as raider attacks, fire outbreaks, radroach infestations, power shortages, water contamination, food shortages, radiation poisoning, diseases, deathclaws invasions, mole rat attacks, and more. You will need to balance your resources carefully and respond quickly to emergencies. You will also need to deal with moral dilemmas and ethical choices that will affect your dwellers' lives. For example, will you accept new dwellers into your vault or turn them away? Will you sacrifice some dwellers for the greater good or try to save everyone? Will you experiment with genetic mutations or stick to natural selection?

How to Download Fallout Shelter PT-BR?

The official sources and platforms for downloading The official sources and platforms for downloading the game

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play game that you can download from various sources and platforms, depending on your device and preference. Here are some of the official and reliable options for downloading the game:





App Store

Fallout Shelter on the App Store


Google Play Store

Fallout Shelter on Google Play



Fallout Shelter on Steam

Xbox One

Microsoft Store

Fallout Shelter on Microsoft Store


PlayStation Store

Fallout Shelter on PlayStation Store

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo eShop

Fallout Shelter on Nintendo eShop

Tesla Arcade

Tesla Software Update

Fallout Shelter on Tesla Arcade

Note that the game is not available for Mac, Linux, or Windows Phone devices. However, you can use an emulator or a virtual machine to run the game on these platforms.

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The steps and requirements for installing the game

The installation process and requirements for Fallout Shelter vary depending on the platform you choose. However, here are some general steps and tips that apply to most platforms:

  • Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements for the game. You can check them on the official website or the source page of the game.

  • Download the game from the source you prefer. You may need to create an account or log in to access the download link.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install the game on your device. You may need to accept some terms and conditions or grant some permissions to complete the installation.

  • Launch the game and enjoy. You may need to update the game or download some additional data before playing.

If you encounter any problems or errors during the installation process, you can contact the support team of the source you downloaded the game from, or visit the official website or forum of Fallout Shelter for help.

How to Apply the PT-BR Translation to Fallout Shelter?

The benefits and drawbacks of playing the game in Portuguese

If you are a native speaker of Portuguese or you want to learn or practice the language, you may want to play Fallout Shelter in PT-BR instead of English. Playing the game in Portuguese can have some benefits, such as:

  • You can understand the story, dialogues, objectives, and instructions better.

  • You can immerse yourself more in the game world and feel closer to your dwellers.

  • You can improve your vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills in Portuguese.

However, playing the game in Portuguese can also have some drawbacks, such as:

  • You may miss some jokes, references, or nuances that are specific to English or Fallout lore.

  • You may encounter some errors, bugs, or inconsistencies in the translation that may affect your gameplay experience.

  • You may have difficulty finding online guides, tips, or communities that are in Portuguese.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you prefer to play Fallout Shelter in PT-BR or not. You can always switch back to English if you change your mind later.

The sources and instructions for downloading and applying The sources and instructions for downloading and applying the translation patch

If you want to play Fallout Shelter in PT-BR, you will need to download and apply a translation patch that will change the language of the game's interface, texts, and dialogues. There are several sources and methods for doing this, but we will focus on the most popular and reliable one, which is the TriboGamer translation for the Steam version of the game. Here are the steps and instructions for downloading and applying this translation patch:

  • Visit the TriboGamer website and download the translation file (Tradução do Fallout Shelter PC [PT-BR]). You will need to create an account or log in to access the download link.

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder of your choice. You should see two files: FalloutShelter.exe and FalloutShelter.ini.

  • Locate the folder where you installed Fallout Shelter on your PC. You can find it by right-clicking on the game in your Steam library, selecting Properties, Local Files, and Browse.

  • Backup the original FalloutShelter.exe and FalloutShelter.ini files by copying them to another folder or renaming them.

  • Copy and paste the translated FalloutShelter.exe and FalloutShelter.ini files from the folder you extracted to the folder where you installed Fallout Shelter.

  • Launch the game and enjoy playing it in PT-BR. You can change the language back to English by restoring the original files or verifying the integrity of game files on Steam.

Note that this translation patch is compatible with the Steam version of Fallout Shelter only. If you downloaded the game from another source or platform, you may need to find a different translation patch or method. You can search for other translation patches on websites like Steam Workshop, GitHub, or GameVicio. However, be careful when downloading files from unknown or untrusted sources, as they may contain viruses, malware, or errors that may harm your device or game.

How to Play Fallout Shelter Effectively?

Some basic tips and tricks for building and managing your vault

Now that you have downloaded and installed Fallout Shelter PT-BR, you are ready to start playing the game. However, before you dive into the post-apocalyptic world, you may want to learn some basic tips and tricks that will help you build and manage your vault more effectively. Here are some of them:

  • Start by building a power generator, a water treatment plant, and a diner. These are the essential rooms that will provide electricity, water, and food for your vault. You can build more rooms later as you expand your vault.

  • Assign your dwellers to rooms according to their SPECIAL stats (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck). Each room has a corresponding stat that determines how well a dweller performs in it. For example, power generators require Strength, water treatment plants require Perception, and diners require Agility. You can check a dweller's stats by tapping on them or checking their status screen.

  • Upgrade your rooms to increase their capacity, efficiency, and output. You can also merge adjacent rooms of the same type and level to create larger and more productive rooms. However, be careful not to overbuild or overupgrade your rooms, as they will consume more power and resources.

  • Collect resources regularly by tapping on the icons that appear above each room when they are ready. This will also earn you caps and experience points for your dwellers. However, be careful not to overcollect or undercollect your resources, as they will affect your dwellers' happiness and health.

  • Breed new dwellers by placing a male and a female dweller in the living quarters. They will flirt, chat, dance, and eventually go to bed together. After some time, the female dweller will become pregnant and give birth to a baby dweller. The baby dweller will inherit some of their parents' stats and traits. You can also rename your dwellers by tapping on them or checking their status screen.

Some advanced strategies and secrets for surviving Some advanced strategies and secrets for surviving and thriving in the wasteland

As you progress in the game, you will face more challenges and dangers in the wasteland. You will need to use some advanced strategies and secrets to survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world. Here are some of them:

  • Equip your dwellers with weapons and outfits before sending them out to explore the wasteland. Weapons will help them fight enemies and protect themselves, while outfits will boost their stats and abilities. You can find weapons and outfits by looting containers, completing quests, or crafting them in the workshop.

  • Use the radio studio to attract new dwellers to your vault. The radio studio will broadcast your vault's signal to the wasteland, and some wanderers may decide to join your vault. The radio studio also increases the happiness of your dwellers inside the vault. However, be careful not to attract unwanted attention from raiders or other enemies.

  • Build a vault door and guard rooms to defend your vault from external threats. The vault door is the first line of defense against intruders, and you can upgrade it to make it stronger and more resistant. Guard rooms are rooms that are placed near the vault entrance, where you can station your armed dwellers to fend off attackers.

  • Use pets to enhance your dwellers' performance and abilities. Pets are companions that you can assign to your dwellers, and they will provide various bonuses and effects. For example, some pets can increase your dwellers' health, damage, speed, or luck. You can find pets by opening lunchboxes or completing quests.

  • Unlock and use themes to decorate your vault and make it more unique. Themes are cosmetic items that you can apply to your rooms to change their appearance and style. You can unlock themes by collecting fragments from quests or crafting them in the theme workshop.


A summary of the main points and a call to action for the readers

In conclusion, Fallout Shelter is a fun and addictive game that lets you create and manage your own post-apocalyptic vault. You can also play the game in PT-BR by downloading and applying a translation patch that will make the game more accessible and enjoyable for you. In this article, we have shown you how to download, install, and play Fallout Shelter PT-BR on your device, as well as some tips and tricks for building and managing your vault effectively. We hope you have learned something useful and interesting from this article, and we encourage you to try out Fallout Shelter PT-BR for yourself.

Five unique FAQs about Fallout Shelter PT-BR

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Fallout Shelter PT-BR that you may find helpful:

  • Q: Is Fallout Shelter PT-BR compatible with other mods or patches?

  • A: It depends on the mod or patch you want to use. Some mods or patches may work well with Fallout Shelter PT-BR, while others may cause conflicts or errors. You should always backup your game files before installing any mod or patch, and read the instructions carefully before applying them.

  • Q: How can I update Fallout Shelter PT-BR when a new version of the game is released?

  • A: You will need to download and apply a new version of the translation patch that matches the new version of the game. You can check the TriboGamer website or forum for updates on the translation patch. You may also need to update the game itself from the source you downloaded it from.

  • Q: How can I backup or restore my Fallout Shelter PT-BR save data?

  • A: You can backup or restore your Fallout Shelter PT-BR save data by copying or pasting the Vault#.sav files from or to the folder where you installed Fallout Shelter on your PC. The # represents the number of your vault, which can be 1, 2, or 3. You can also use cloud saving features on some platforms to backup or restore your save data.

  • Q: How can I contact the developers or translators of Fallout Shelter PT-BR if I have any questions, feedback, or suggestions?

  • A: You can contact the developers of Fallout Shelter by visiting their official website or social media pages. You can contact the translators of Fallout Shelter PT-BR by visiting their TriboGamer website or forum.

  • Q: How can I support the developers or translators of Fallout Shelter PT-BR if I enjoy the game and the translation?

  • A: You can support the developers of Fallout Shelter by purchasing in-game items, such as lunchboxes, Nuka-Cola Quantum, or Mr. Handy, that will enhance your gameplay experience and reward you with extra resources, items, or dwellers. You can also rate and review the game on the source you downloaded it from, or share it with your friends and family. You can support the translators of Fallout Shelter PT-BR by donating to their TriboGamer website or forum, or by joining their community and contributing to their projects.


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