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Become a Master Chef with My Hotpot Story Mod APK

As a famous hotpot shop owner, players can build this place according to their style and direction. Bringing the ancient Chinese style. A domed shop with quaint white walls. On the signboard in front of the restaurant, there is a Chinese text for the name of the restaurant. Or in the modern European style, the windows are completely replaced with light yellow glass. Sitting inside eating hot pot, you can observe the street scene passing by. Or Japanese style with wooden sliding doors. Dining tables and chairs were replaced by low tables. Bonsai pots bring a cool feeling when eating hot pot.

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Develop your own hotpot restaurant in My Hotpot Story MOD APK and take on the role of talent manager right now. You will start your work through hot pot restaurant management activities from the initial stage. Therefore, you will have to come up with effective business solutions to become a rich boss in this game.

Joining the game, players will have to perform jobs related to their hot pot shop to help it grow. All you need to do is aim for the highest profit and expand your hot pot business. My Hotpot Story is currently available on Google Play. You just need to download it to become the owner of one of the most famous hotpot restaurants.

Initially, you will have to remodel the shop through cleaning and organizing activities. There are many problems to solve, such as buying everything needed with a limited budget and making sure that your restaurant serves customers the best. This is the right time for you to try your hand at being a hotpot shop owner through many different aspects.

Customer satisfaction is always a factor that any hotpot restaurant is aiming for. My Hotpot Story is no exception. You need to do everything to make customers feel satisfied when coming to your hotpot shop. The service process will be shown through different stages.

Remember that employees are the main source of income for your hotpot restaurant. My Hotpot Story offers many different types of employees such as chefs, waiters, receptionists, billing staff, cleaners, and more. Each employee will have a certain role in the operation of the hot pot restaurant. At the same time, you can upgrade them regularly to increase work productivity and improve service speed. The higher the employee level, the greater the profit of the hotpot restaurant.

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My Hotpot Story is truly a comprehensive hotpot shop management game with lots of added activities. Besides the seemingly familiar elements, this game also brings a lot of unstable experiences for players. Typical are the staff with unstable poses, the way customers and employees think and act, interesting performances, and more. Download this game at our site to discover it now.

The gameplay of My Hotpot Story is relatively simple. The main task of the player is to serve customers to the hotpot restaurant, hire employees, create new dishes and upgrade the restaurant with the goal of making your hotpot restaurant the best in the world.

Having been storming the game market in recent times, the game is attractive enough to reach all types of players from children to adults. Download now My Hotpot Story and turn your restaurant into the best hotpot restaurant!

In My Hotpot Story hack full money, you are a chef, manager, and owner of a hotpot shop. This means that, when there are many customers, you alone cannot take care of them all. At this point, you need to spend money to hire more waiters. The departments need to work seamlessly and in harmony to best serve customers. Hire experienced, trained employees to do their jobs well. When they work responsibly, even when you are away, the restaurant still runs well. In return, you will have to pay a decent salary for them to stick with the restaurant for a long time.

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Overall, this game will give you a realistic experience of running a restaurant. It is an excellent way to learn about the food business and how to cater to different types of customers. Its controls are simple, and you won't have trouble learning them. What are you waiting for? Start your own hotspot story today.


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