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LibFredo6: A Must-Have Extension Library For SketchUp | All3DP

Note, that although the new version has the same name, it also has a completely different plugin. For example, the new version of RoundCornerSketchup, which is a plugin that puts rounded corners on the sides of the rectangle and on the top and bottom of the rectangle. And if you were wondering, the answer is actually yes, I do use the old version of this plugin. But its not because I did not like the new version. It was simply because I had already downloaded the new version and I was not having any luck. So, I just left it there, even though I had no intention of using it, but I did not know what happened to it.

Libfredo6 V3.2 For Sketchup

SU2017 is the latest version of SketchUp (i.e. the latest version of SketchUp that is fully compatible with the latest versions of SketchUp). 3 days ago, SketchUp stopped responding and I had to kill it, and the only way I got it back up was to remove the extension that was causing the problem, so if you dont have time to do a clean install, you should remove and reinstall it back to see if that fixes your problems.

5) Select your operating system (Mac, Windows) When prompted (should just pop up if you havent used SketchUp before) install from a SketchUp package or install from a Sketchucation package

6) Select Sketchucation (if youre on Windows, youll have the option to reinstall Sketchup of Copy all Sketchucation files, but youre better off just selecting the original Sketchucation package.) and confirm install

12) When prompted select Sketchup from the list, and click the OK button. When prompted Choose Import Folder (this is only available when installing via Sketchucation Package)


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